Monday, May 21, 2007

Hey Phil Porvaznik

I don't know if you read this blog, but I saw your post on this thread. You said:

"My references were accurate, I just double-checked.[Swan: "this comment found only on page 85"] Wrong, page 84-85 (volume 2) is correct. Don't know what Swan is looking at. I got the volumes shortly after they came out, maybe Swan has a later edition."

The Catholics Answers forum discussion thread provided this quote:

"Such statements [regarding the unhistorical nature of sola Scriptura] manifest an ignorance of the patristic and medieval perspective on the authority of Scripture. Scripture alone as the infallible rule for the ongoing life and faith of the Church was the universal belief and practice of the Church of the patristic and medieval ages. " (volume 2 by William Webster, page 84-85)"

In my copy of Holy Scripture Vol II, this quote begins on the bottom of page 85, last paragraph, 6th line from the bottom.

Have a nice day.


GeneMBridges said...

I can can confirm James' page citation is correct, and, looking at the information in the front that one would use for a citation, I see no reprint and no mark for a second or later edition.

Ken Temple said...

My copy is also at the bottom of 84-85, third line from bottom of 84 and to the first line of 85.

I think I did get an early copy, as I remember when I first saw these volumes and ordered them immediately; so it is possible that he has an early copy.

These volumes are very helpful. Thanks to David King and William Webster for writing and compiling so much valuable historical information.

James Swan said...

Thanks Ken, mystery solved.