Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My 15 Minutes of Fame

I’m really not someone looking for the spotlight. I know, I know… we all like the spotlight- we all like our favorite subject: ourselves. Let’s talk about ME, right? I’ve had a lot going on, so I’d like to take my Reformation glasses off for a few seconds and just address a few personal issues.

I have been tremendously blessed by some people of late. First, I get private e-mails all the time thanking me for something I’ve written. I can’t even begin to mention everybody here- this entry would become very long. Encouraging e-mail always blows me away. I don't think we realize how important positive comments are. We do need to encourage each other.

I was actually sent some free books by one of my readers, at his expense, books I actually wanted and enjoy! You know who you are my brother, again thank you for your generosity and friendship.

Of course, the mysterious Skyman must be thanked as well. He answers just about every question I come up with, and provides valuable information that would take me years to research.

I also need to publicly thank Douglas Mabry for his uplifting comments he made about me over the years. On his blog, he has said some very kind things, found here.

Some of you may have noticed my name over on Dr. James White’s blog. James posted some very kind words here. The “cat is out of the bag” so to speak- I will be contributing articles to his website. The entire thing is a bit surreal to me. My first contribution can be found here:

Roman Catholic Conversion Stories

Dr White posted a response sent in here. I responded here.

It has never been a secret that I greatly respect Dr. White. His writings and debates have influenced me profoundly- and more than that, have helped with the growth of my faith, as I seek to learn as much as possible about Jesus Christ and His Holy Word.

I can never seem to find enough time these days. Of course, I have the “normal” responsibilities most of you should have- family and vocation. These are on the top priority list (someone should e-mail my wife to tell her I actually said this). My wife refers to my personal office, computer, and time spent blogging as the “Nether World”. Indeed, sometimes I walk away from the computer mumbling… “Is any of this the real world…Is any of this the real world…?”

I’ve begun again leading an adult Sunday School class at my church- which requires a lot of preparation. I’m always amazed with how much preparation one lecture can take. I guess there’s always the “pop in video” and then discuss it afterwards, but that just isn’t me. No, I do it the hard way. I actually talk about something for an hour. I try to research something during the week, and present an informative lesson.

Writing blog entries actually takes time as well. But most time consuming is responding to every jot and title that is given back via the blogback comments or through someone else’s blog. Now, don’t get me wrong: I enjoy the comments, but it really is impossible, given my schedule to respond to every comment. For instance, this link was provided to me yesterday. Will I have time to address it? No.

I am going to keep this blog going- I can think of around 20 things I want to write about, time allowing. But, I will probably no longer be able to address the blogback comments, unless it is something of dire importance. I even thought about turning the comments section off- but I do so much enjoy much of the feedback- and the responses can lead to further study. Given my schedule and responsibilites, I simply don't have the time to interact with the comments.



Anonymous said...

You definitely have one of the best religious blogs out there in Netherland. Congratulations. I am very definitely a Catholic woman but I confess, I enjoy your rebuttals to Catholic apologists tremendously. Keep up the good work. You keep everyone on their toes and the debate honest.

Jim said...

> For instance, this link [to Perry Robbinson's blog]
> was provided to me yesterday.

So there I am - all by myself?

Bummer ... :-)


dan said...

Seminary student right?
Is it an unaccredited seminary like your unaccredited mentor "Dr. I'm extremely dishonest and misleading and will only post those items that don't make me look like the intellectually dishonest fool that I am...unaccredited" James White?

This is probably true because you know that the absurd argumentation that you posers portray would never hack-it at a real institution of higher learning. Typical mental-midgetry!

GeneMBridges said...

^Uh-huh, and, pray tell, what are Art Sippo's credentials in the field? Does he have a Master's degree in anything related to theology, biblical studies, etc.? Bachelor's? Did he even minor in the field?

Oh, and from what accredited institutions of higher learning did the Apostles graduate?

Gojira said...

Uhm....Dan....uhm....tell us how you really feel.....

dan said...

Another pure example of the anti-Catholic protestant's inability to comprehend simple statements. Oh how much more embarrasing could your incompetence at parsing simple sentences be? Truly laughable!

Point is, my simple-minded friends, Dr. Sippo doesn't pretend to have a doctorate in theology, whereas "Dr. I don't have an accredited degree but I'll pretend otherwise" White doesn't either, but just like his self-fashioned historical-revisionist mentality dictates (which apparently as represented by this website, the seed constituting a world of deception doesn't fall too far from the tree of heresy), you Einsteins once again avoid the questions.

Bravo!! I'm sure all of you basement-dwellers make mom proud!

dan said...

GeneMBridges, I can see that you are the real brains of this outfit.

I'm sure that "Dr." White treats you quite well with your comparing his schooling with that of the Apostles. But hey, this fits with the absurdity in the protestant line of thinking, all of you are taught in the same way as the Apostles...did you buy Pat Robertson's power drink too?

Get with it genius! James White is not an Apostle. He is a deceptive loon.

Apolonio said...

James Swan,

Hey! I wanted to talk to you about King's book. Maybe some day we can talk on the phone about it.


Interesting. I'm not sure if I would say that Mr. White would *never* hack-it at a real institution. I mean, there may be some accredited institutions which are bad. But with good institutions, he may not. His defense of his doctoral dissertation, I think, is..well, I'll be kind today. As a student, one must keep learning about the truth, about God, about life, etc. And when one does that, he learns something new. When he interacts with other scholars, he learns something new. I can't, and shouldn't, earn a PhD because I have made W.L. Craig's cosmological argument understandable to the popular audience, for the "pew".

Most scholars I have encountered are tolerant. Even if they disagree with your thesis, they will help you develop it. For example, I am currently doing an independent study with a Jewish professor who has great knowledge of second temple judaism. He's a secular humanist, but I learn a lot from him..more than I would from apologists, both Protestant and Catholic.

Is this to say that James White isn't a scholar? Necessarily not. But I would label him as a popular apologist.

Gojira said...

Dan comes out swinging at air, showing that he has a real proclivity for.....whatever catagory one would place his remarks in.

All in all, I'd give your rantings here perhaps a 4. I have seen better. I mean, when you bring in people's moms in the way that you did, and then failed to deliver a punchline, I know that you are pretty much one with a simple potty mouth. In other words, you are the type of playground bully who just kicks the dirt.

My advice: You are just a little too pent up. Shrug your shoulders; get loose. I say this for your benefit. After all, you wouldn't want Big Momma herself, ***THE*** queen bee, to have to come down here to you in an apparition, and demand reperation to her Big Momma immaculate heart, because you just can't reach down far enough to talk the right quality of trash. I know I wouldn't want that to happen to you, hence my words of advise to you.

FM483 said...

James, you are absolutely correct about preparation time for bible studies. One Pastor friend of mine told me that a proper sermon requires up to 4 hours preparation for each hour of delivery. Sounds like I would really enjoy your classes. I also understand it is impossible for you to be everywhere at once and therefore responding to each and every comment is impractical. You need not feel any explanations are in order. Hopefully most people understand the logistics involved with the blog on top of other daily activities are time consuming.

Frank Marron

GeneMBridges said...

Point is, my simple-minded friends, Dr. Sippo doesn't pretend to have a doctorate in theology, whereas "Dr. I don't have an accredited degree but I'll pretend otherwise" White doesn't either, but just like his self-fashioned historical-revisionist mentality dictates (which apparently as represented by this website, the seed constituting a world of deception doesn't fall too far from the tree of heresy), you Einsteins once again avoid the questions.


Dr. Sippo is a medical doctor. He has tried to exegete Scripture from the original languages and has failed abysmally. Dr. White's doctorate is from Columbia, a nonaccredited seminary, but his Master's degree is from Fuller, a well known, accredited seminary. That's why I asked you about Dr. Sippo's other degree qualifications. What about his training at Fuller disqualifies Dr. White from discussing these issues? Are persons with Master's degrees unqualified? You dwell on his doctoral work, but what about his Master's work? What about accreditation itself would qualify him with respect to his post M.Div work? One can obtain a Ph.D. from two or three of the six SBC seminaries. They are all accredited. Dr. White also teaches as an adjunct for GGBTC, an accredited seminary. Since you are so very concerned about his credentials, why not do the gentlemanly thing and write him to encourage him to get a "real" (your word) Ph.D. from SBTS, since they offer a Ph.D in applied apologetics. If he would do that, would that satisfy you? Somehow, I don't think it would; I think you problem with Dr. White has little to do with his academic qualifications.

You give Dr. Sippo a pass; in fact Dr. Sippo gives himself a pass, and yet you both hold Dr. White to another standard.

I did not compare Dr. White's schooling with the Apostle's. Rather I asked you, since you apparently think degree qualifications should be quite high to discuss theology, what the qualifications of the Apostles were, since, given your stance, they would be unqualified. In short, your argumentation resembles more that which we find in John coming from the lips of the Pharisees than it does anything else.

If you believe he has "revised history" then by all means show us where that is the case. He entertains calls on his webcast, doesn't he? Why don't you call? Until you actually construct an argument that isn't an emotionally laden jeremiad, all you have shown us is that your adjectives and ad homineum invective are doing the lions share of the argumentation. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

dan said...

Okay gojira, why don't you go back and re-read what I wrote. I did not "bring" in anybody's mom so as to make a cut against the mother. The cut was against you, you idiot, not your mom. The fact that you have to make abusive comments towards the Mother of God after falsely perceiving my comments to be directed at your mother (when in reality they were towards you, moron), shows your own hypocrisy and lack of creativity.

Also, I didn't come out 'swinging at air' as you say. I made several points which you conveniently avoided.

1) James White is a deceiver by using a title that he did not properly/validly earn. I am not the first to point this out.
2) You idiots have an extremely hard time comprehending simple sentences, which there are a few examples that have happened right here with your interaction with me, not to mention the idiotic crap you attempt to pull with Sacred Scripture.

Nice try! Once again you make fools of yourselves.

dan said...

Well check it out! James White does not have a doctorate moron. So stop calling him a "Dr."

I didn't say that White could not discuss the issues, now did I? No, I did not. Great straw man!

These "seminaries" are the most ridiculous places that I have ever seen. They continuously gloss over real history and theology. Like you, they also create amusing straw man arguments because they can't hack it. So please, your appeal to these seminaries is a joke.

If he got a real PhD, and stopped parading around as if he had one, then I wouldn't be making these comments. Why is that too difficult for you to comprehend? If I make an argument about his false credentials, then that is what the argument pertains to. Your attempt at psychoanalyism is pathetic as well. There are other arguments against White's beliefs. Right now I am talking about his lack of honesty here.

Again, my little monkey-minded friend, Dr. Sippo is a medical doctor who has an accredited degree that he doesn't try to pass-off as a doctorate in theology. There is no double-standard you fool!

Another straw man is your claim that I believe that in order to discuss theology one needs a degree in it. I never said that. What is wrong with you people?Besides, the Apostles learned from Christ himself, and were given the power of the Holy Spirit to impart Revelation which God spoke through them. It is mentally pathetic to hold James White at the same degree. Pathetic indeed!

I don't have time to call James White's silly webcast. Nor do I have time to call any Catholic webcast. James White has been challenged before. Like a typical mental-midget he selectively posts what he wants. Well good for him.

My ad hominems are coupled with other valid remarks. It's not my fault that you have a difficult time comprehending them, or the fact that you get stuck on the ad hominems themselves.

Gojira said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
James Swan said...


I've been taking classes via Westminster Seminary. Hope that's good enough for you-


Jim said...

James, CA or PA?

Jim said...


> Hey! I wanted to talk to you about King's book. Maybe some day we can talk on the phone about it.

I know you wrote this to James Swann but I was just reading William's Goode's book which is heavily referenced by King and Webster. Have you read it? Curious what your thought were.


Apolonio said...


No, I have not read it. But if you want to discuss anything in general, I would love to. I checked out who you are and it seems to me that it would be beneficial for the both of us to have discussions on many things. One thing that attracted me was that you are a Plantinga fan, as I am (although I learn towards Ernie Sosa's virtue epistemology now). I also have a new argument against sola scriptura and I would like to know what you think of it. If you want, we can discuss things on email or the phone. My email is AVBCL111 at aol dot com.

Now, as for Mr. White and his doctorate and whatever...I would agree with Steve Hays: "Remember that White is a popular apologist and public debater. He has a different role to play that, say, Thomas Schreiner or D. A. Carson."

Thomas Schreiner's interpretation of Romans 2 is pretty good, although I disagree with some things of course. Mr. White's arguments aren't rigorous enough. If you want a true scholar, look at Thomas Schreiner. I would also say that a lot of Catholic apologists' arguments aren't rigorous enough as well. Finally, I can't believe that the title of "Dr." is such great importance. You don't see Al Plantinga, Alvin Goldman, John Greco, Linda Zagzebski, etc complaining to people because they forget or did not call them "Dr." Seems to me that this is a pride issue. I just wished Mr. White would say, "Fine, call me 'Mr.' or James, but read my articles and interact with it."

dan said...

Westminister is an accredited school, yes? If you have an accredited degree, then you won't look like a jackass pretending to have one. That is my point. It is simply dishonest to do otherwise. Morons like gojira just can't get this. Now the content is a different debate. You'll look like a jackass there instead. Hopefully not as bad as gojira though.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these absurd Calvinist's call us worshippers o the queen Bee while they worship an anti Semitic heretic called John Calvin! Wow, great comeback you losers! Lets all dance around the John Calvin bonfire and sing our praises to his demonic twisting of the Holy Scriptures! Any man who takes A mans interpretation over the Holy Spirit's is sure to win the Pontius Pilate award. I want to award it to both of the James. You can hold up your trophy together in hell if you don't repent for you foolishness!

Anonymous said...

Hey heres a good joke, wanna hear it? What two things do John Calvin, Martin Luther and Adolf Hitler have in common? They all wanted to have the Jew exterminated from the face of the earth, and they are all playing slap fanny in hell.

dan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
James Swan said...


I'm going to have to delete some posts due to foul language.

I'll allow you folks to spill out your venom, but please try to be more mature than 6th graders. Perhaps though, some of you are 6th graders, in which case, go play video games and watch cartoons.

dan said...

Foul language? That's a laugh considering your hero Luther's choice words you hypocrite!

dan said...

I'm going to take on James Swan for these absurd comments of his. First Swan attempts to make a difference between St. Paul's conversion story because it is in Scripture, and these other conversion stories because they are not in Scripture. This is ridiculous; it is a distinction without a difference. They both relate to how each individual is brought to a fuller understanding of Revelation. I'm sorry, but is there a Scriptural mandate that there can never be any conversion story unless it is related specifically in Scripture? No, there isn't. There is nothing in Scripture that hints towards Sola Scriptura either, but who cares, right?

Another absurdity penned by the imagination of Swan is that those conversion stories written in 'Surprised by Truth' are to be condemned because they are stories of folks who have converted to an "alleged infallible church magisterium." Oh, that was clever. The only problem for Swan is, despite the dreamworld that he and other ahistorically-minded protestants uselessly subject themselves to, the infallible Church Magisterium was commissioned by Christ himself. Or did Luther throw out those Scriptural passages too along with "Jimmy?" I guess that's what happens for those who hold up the historically-faulty 'Sola Scriptura' banner. It is a shame that even Scripture doesn't call for this. Oh, that's right, Scripture says that, 1 Tim 3:15 "if I am delayed, you may know how one ought to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and bulwark of the truth." Well let's just redefine 'Church' to whatever fits our fancy. That's the protestant way!

What is Swan's point? He attempts to make a distinction between Paul's conversion with other's conversions. That Paul's was to Christ, while the other people's were to the 'Babylonian Whore.' Unfortunately again for Swan, his assumption is without any merit. Tell me Swan, what were all those liturgies being celebrated in the Early Church? I don't recall reading anywhere, in any historical document, Pastor Billy at the First Baptist Church in AD 100 preaching a non-liturgical service out of the King James Bible.

Now one of the most hilarious statements made by Swan was where he indicated his complete and utter (White's favorite word which he loves to use during debates) ignorance of the doctrine of infallibility. He brought up Galations Chapter 2 incedent with Peter. Bravo! Bravo my anti-Catholic friend! Unfortunately again your comments prove your ignorance, and are useless in this discusion. Instead of reading Pastor Billy's Primer on the Doctrine of Infallibility, why don't you learn it from the source my friend?