Saturday, December 30, 2006

New E-Mail Address

To all my friends and foes: I have changed Internet providers. My e-mail address of the last 7 years will no longer work (

But, hard to believe as it is, I was able to get a new e-mail address very similar to the old one:


Churchmouse said...

Never heard of the Chapman stick, but I have heard of Chapstick. Can't get a sound out of the latter :-) Is the Chapman an instrument of olden times? Sort of like the kind they use in "O' Brother Where Art Thou" old-timey style bluegrass music?

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year...


James Swan said...

Hey Ray-

No, it's a much more recent instrument. If you have a high speed connection, take a look at some of the clips here on UTube:

Churchmouse said...

Wow! That is a sweet sounding instrument. And watching someone play it is entertaining on its own. It's kind of like a one man string band (Bass, rhythm guitar, and lead). The guy on the video evidently had it plugged, does it need an amp because I don't see a body, sound hole, etc.? It looks like a long thick neck. And is it hard to learn? The guy makes it look easy, but evidently there are a lot of "right hand, left hand" intricasies involved.

James Swan said...


It is a hard instrument, and it needs amplification. The stick is stereo- The bass strings have their own output, while the melody or "guitar" like strings have there own output.

It's 10 strings- 5 bass strings, tuned in 5ths, 5 guitar strings tuned in forths. The lowest notes from each set of strings are in the center of the neck.

I'm left-handed, and the stick is set up for right handed players- thus i learned it right handed. My weak hand is my left, because on guitar, it strummed. On the stick it has to fret notes.

Now that i'm high speed, I was thinking of getting some of my awful music up on the Internet. But, we'll see. I haven't played regularly now for a while- but i did practise like a maniac- 4 to 6 hours a day. No way do I have time like that anymore.

Churchmouse said...

Cool Jim! If you have some stuff you can upload, I would love to hear how you're progressing. Yes, I remember when I first began to learn the guitar. I was frenzied. I would spend days at at time locked up in my room practicing. Not only do I not have the time to do that anymore, I don't even have the energy or the discipline. I can't remember the last time I picked up my guitar. I would love to learn to play the Chapman Stick. It looks very challenging and the sound is amazing, but life is just too hectic. I would never be able to find the time. Oh, well :-(


James Swan said...

Ray- i'm not even sure how or where to upload music. If anyone has some suggestions- i'm all "ears".

Churchmouse said...

Jim, you can upload it to here: It's a freebie and they will host the file (or more) for a few days.


James Swan said...

Thanks Ray!

John Stebbe said...

James, I am a regular listener to the ISI radio program. I especially appreciate the guests and debates dealing with Reformed theology, and Roman Catholic issues.

But -- if we can put a man on the moon, can we get better sound quality on the podcast? It sounds like you stuck a suction-cup microphone on top of a plastic AM radio (which is how I used to record songs off the radio, back around 40 years ago).


John Stebbe

John Stebbe said...

James, I just re-read my post about the sound quality of the ISI podcast. I meant it to be humorous, but after reading it again, it appeared mean-spirited. I apologize.

As long as I'm posting, I want to also thank you for your ISI programs on Luther. I was raised in the LCMS, and am now a 5-pt. Calvinist Presbyterian. So your insights into Luther's mind and heart are especially intriguing to me.

I recently read Luther's book "The Bondage Of The Will" and was rather surprised to find how much he sounded like a Calvinist.

Nick said...

Hello James,

I came across an obscure Luther quote that I've seen a few people using:

"I cannot regard Zwingli or any of his teachings as Christian at all. He neither holds nor teaches any part of the Christian faith rightly, and is seven times more dangerous than when he was a papist."

If he really said this, then that shows the dangers of Sola Scriptura from the very start.

Ken said...

James may comment later.

I took the time to try and find that quote on the internet and the place where I found it was a book entitled: Zwingli, by G. R. Porter, on page 310, but it does not give a primary source of where he gets that.

I have seen other Roman Catholic Apologists on the internet use that quote for years.

I found the book on "Google Books"
Potter, G. R. (1976), Zwingli, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Even so, even if Luther did say that about Zwingli - that does not mean that Sola Scriptura is wrong or dangerous in itself. It just means that Protestants holding to Sola Scriptura can disagree with each other on interpretations and that sometimes one or both sides don't even think the other side is a Christian. Luther sometimes said extreme things, as we all know. He was emotional and lively and then there is the beer sessions in the evenings, and some recordings of those "Table Talks".

Furthermore, Luther's statement (if it really was his) is contradicted by Luther himself, because according to the "Reformation Overview", he and Zwingli agreed on 14 out of 15 points at the Marbury Colloquy in 1529. If the statement was made about Zwingli before the Colloquy, he cannot mean that everything Zwingli teaches is wrong. Even heretics get some things right.

Still, it has no bearing on the truth of Sola Scriptura.

It just shows that people can disagree with each other, and at times, vehemently.