Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Be Nice To Catholic Apologists" Thursday #4

Well, Dave’s at it again:

Just For the Record: James Swan’s Odd Behavior


I hadn't realized Dave posted another link... recall, "Be Nice To Catholic Apologist" Thursday puts up links from the Catholic perspective so readers can judge for themselves if their writings are being distorted.

There is humor in Dave's continued "record" making, but i'm going to try and continue being nice. Well, let’s change the record on the turntable and put some better things on:

"Be Nice To Catholic Apologists" Thursday

"Be Nice To Catholic Apologists" Thursday (Revisted)

"Be Nice To Catholic Apologists" Thursday #3


Free Grace said...

I see that Dave Huntsrong is still trying, however poorly, to talk smack trash.

Regardless of that, I ***did*** want to give a shout out to him for mentioning me on his blog! If I were to draw my last breath today, I guess one could properly say that I have been extremely blessed because Dave Huntstrong took time out to mention lil 'ol me!

Now I noticed that he had the decency to point out my many spelling errors. Now I truely do thank him for that! In fact, it has caused me to look for that ever elusive "Dave Huntstrong First Grade Speller." Now I have heard that not only was it dedicated to me, but also to the good Dr., Art Sippo. For I do know that a man of such humility and learning as Dave Huntstrong can be counted on to direct all of us spelling misfits into a better world of vowels and dangling modifiers. Thank you Mr. Huntstrong. And you can count on my supportive voice when you come up to lead The Pontifical Council on Veneration of Spelling Abilities!

Free Grace

James Swan said...

On an unrelated note- I am a terrible speller. I try to use MS word to compose, rather than blogger or a web board.

If I recall, DA does not do this. His spelling therefore, is much better than mine. I've often said, his ability to write quickly, and his command of spelling are very good.

Free Grace said...

Yes, bro. Swan, I am very much in agreement with you. Mr. Huntstrong does have a very good handle on spelling; I'm not so sure on Punctuation. But that would be debatable. Hence, my admitted support to his leadership of The Pontifical Council on Veneration of Spelling Abilities.