Monday, January 30, 2006

New CARM Forums

If you’re a blog reader, I’d probably guess you also read discussion boards. The CARM discussion boards have been totally revamped:

You will need to register to use them.

CARM stands for “Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry”. I guess I’ve been reading and participating on these boards for six years. At one point, I spent some time moderating the forums as well. I don’t get involved in the discussions as much anymore, but here are some of the forums I will be checking in on:

Roman Catholicism


Arminianism & Calvinism


Church History

Systematic Theology

In particular, here are a few threads that have caught my eye:

Request: Protestant commentary of Suffer_ing in Philippians (and elsewhere)

The Virus of John Calvin produced...

Calvinist need to repent of hate.

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