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Master Archive: About James Swan

James Swan was raised in a Christian home, attending a non-denominational church. Like many in the modern church, he never heard of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther or John Calvin. James went on to study philosophy at William Paterson University, being mentored by non-Christians. This had a devastating effect on his life, forcing him to question everything he had been taught in his youth. The evangelical church had not prepared him for the attacks against Christianity he faced.

After graduating with a degree in philosophy, James found answers to his philosophical skepticism in the writings of the great Reformers. Their consistent teaching of Scripture alone, Christ alone, faith alone, grace alone, and the glory of God alone, was a strong antidote to the skepticism of philosophy. The Reformers sent James back into the Scriptures, and in the pages of the Bible, James found Jesus Christ and his perfect work of redemption, irresistibly drawn to Christ, clinging to the words, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

James is now a part time student at Westminster Seminary, involved in teaching ministry at the Pompton Plains Reformed Bible Church, is a member of “Team Apologian” contributing articles to the blog of James White’s Alpha and Omega ministries. He also contributes Reformation articles for Christian apologist Eric Svendsen’s New Testament Research Ministries website. He’s had articles published in the Reformed periodical, The Outlook. He also runs his own daily blog, Beggars All: Reformation and Apologetics, dedicated to historical and Biblical research on the Protestant Reformation.

Because of the emphasis James places on the Reformation, his writing tends to attract defenders of the Roman Catholic Church. He spends considerable time interacting with the arguments and materials they produce, calling them to embrace the sole authority of the Scriptures, and salvation by faith alone through grace alone, because of Christ alone.

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